Caracas, 11 Oct. AVN.-

Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro, said that a series of economic measures aimed at defending the rights of the Venezuelan people and ensuring access to food and priority goods will be announced in the coming days.

From Fuerte Tiuna military fort, in Caracas, he said that in a meeting with Vice President for Economic Area Rafael Ramirez, decisions were made to improve the currency system, strengthen the currency allocation system Cadivi and combat economic war led by the Venezuelan right and major economic groups.

The President also announced that at least $900 million, aimed at meeting the economic needs of the nation, will be auctioned weekly through the Supplementary System for Foreign Currency Administration (SICAD).

Measures were taken after considering the proposals offered by members of the Executive in this matter and the Minister of Finance Nelson Merentes, who until last Tuesday held the position of Vice President for Economic Area.

“I relieved him from tremendous duty to coordinate the economic team in order to concentrate on the whole financial aspect, which he is doing very good, and in all regarding currency system, being reformed in a particular way,” Maduro said.

The Head of State said that in the government plan 2013-2019 Commander Hugo Chavez set the guidelines to be followed in the economic sphere. The document defined “the route, purpose, what methods and what are the strategies for diversification, growth and development. He made it clear that the enemy of the country is the parasitic and corrupted bourgeoisie.”

On the other hand, Maduro reiterated that the Venezuelan people are guaranteed currencies allocated through Cadivi.

Social, political and economic advances

The Bolivarian Government has taken larger steps in the social, political and economic development of the nation to meet the needs of the population, said President Maduro.

“Socially, from 1 to 10 we have achieved ratings of 7. We have much to perfect within systems of health, education, food, great missions, but they are there benefiting millions of people, all Venezuelans without any kind of exclusion: social, ideological, religious.”

On the political side, he highlighted the recovery of the sovereignty of the Venezuelan State and development of full freedoms.

Regarding the economy, one of the major challenges the Bolivarian Revolution faces is the construction of the new economic model.

It is clear that there are still pending issues, such as “the construction of a new productive economic system, with its own strength, powerful in all areas and with socialist prospects. From 1 to 10, we have achieved 3, meaning that there is so much to do,” Maduro said.

Investigation of Venezuelan newspaper

The Head of State denounced the newspaper Diario 2001, belonging to Bloque De Armas publishing group, for publishing an article about the alleged shortage in the supply of gasoline in the country, and asked the Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz, to start an investigation into these facts.

On Thursday the headline “gasoline is provided by a dropper,” appeared on the front page of Diario 2001, suggesting that there is fuel shortage in the country. In response, the national president reiterated that it cannot be allowed the publication of these headlines that affect national peace.

Resources for the Army

The National Executive approved 444 million bolivars for the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB) for the upgrading of armored systems, building tactical units and spare parts procurement for aircraft, helicopters, fire trucks and ambulances.

Maduro also approved 100 million bolivars for updating materials and military equipment.

“We have all the tools to achieve a powerful country,” said president, who called the FANB to ensure continuity of “impregnable defense of the homeland.”

“To you as Venezuelans, patriots, as moral and ethical reserves in this country, it is up to you to assume the permanent victory of the stability of the country,” said the President.

He also urged the FANB members to continue joining efforts for peace in the country, always under the mandate of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic.

On this, Maduro said that one of the fundamental tasks left by Chavez was the deployment of strategies for a new comprehensive security doctrine of the nation and improve the living conditions of the military family, for which they created the social program called Negro Primero Mission, FANB Bank and Investment Fund.


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