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Caracas, 28 Nov. AVN. – The 7th International Fair of the Amazon (FIAM), which opened on Wednesday, November 27, in Manaos, Brazil, focused special attention on Venezuela, which offers the program named Venezuela Exporta and is represented by the Trade Minister, Alejandro Fleming.

The prefect of Manaus, Artur Neto, and governor for Brazilian state of Amazonas, Omar Aziz, delivered opening remarks at the Manaus Convention Center, where the FIAM is held. Aziz, for his part, emphasized further expansion of trade and commercial activities with Venezuela.

Earlier, Fleming told Brazilian media that Venezuela Exporta show, organized by the Foreign Trade Bank (Bancoex), is one of the major programs to balance trade with the South American giant.

“We have the desire to expand trade relations. Our goal is to find mechanisms that allow us to balance trade and that balance is achieved by increasing exports from Venezuela to Brazil,” he said.

He stressed that Venezuelan products and goods can supply the north and northeast of Brazil due to proximity and noted that the development of bilateral integration gives Brazilians the possibility to access the Caribbean.

Venezuela Exporta stand opened simultaneously with FIAM and presented Venezuela Toda musical group, who held audience attention with their repertoire of waltzes, joropos, gaitas and drum beats.

Over 300 domestic products are presented in Venezuela Exporta program involving representatives of 60 companies in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, technology, food, automotive, packaging and cosmetics.

As part of agreements to boost bilateral relationship, the Minister of Popular Power for Tourism, Andres Izarra, was also present in Manaus, in order to make arrangements to open a flight from this Brazilian city to the island of Margarita with Conviasa carrier.

Venezuela exporta, a program designed to promote national exportable supply in international markets from July this year has been presented in Montevideo, Uruguay, Guayaquil, Ecuador, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Bogota, Colombia, and Havana, Cuba.

Besides the exhibition of products, business meetings, conferences and tasting of Venezuelan coffee, chocolate and rum are made at the fair. AVN 28/11/2013



26h November 2013 ( –Yesterday President Nicolas Maduro announced that next year the government will create the Salvador Allende University of Health Sciences.

He made the announcement at the graduation of 289 community doctors from the Salvador Allende Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), in Caracas, which will form part of the new initiative.

Maduro said the new health sciences university would train doctors, nurses, dentists, and other health professionals. He said Venezuela would found the university, and that he would propose it to the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) summit next month in Caracas

The Venezuela based ELAM was inaugurated in April 2007 by Hugo Chavez following an agreement between himself and then Cuban President Fidel Castro in 2005. It aims to train people from around Latin America as “humanist” doctors. Priority is given to countries and students who have problems accessing higher education due to location or economic reasons, and the initiative also aims to promote Latin American and Caribbean integration.

The ELAM is currently training students from 42 countries particularly from Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, and the Middle East (including Palestine).

The 289 doctors were the first to graduate from the school and came from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, El Salvador, Surinam, Panama, and Uruguay.

Maduro said that as of next year, 1000 students will begin studying in community medicine programs in the ELAM each year, with Venezuela aiming to train a total of 60,000 total community medicine doctors by 2019. He also said that Venezuela “needs to start programs in … dentistry, optometry, and health technology”.

He said currently there are 3,670 community medicine students studying through the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, 2,553 through the Francisco de Miranda University, 3,800 at the Ezequiel Zamora university, 3,250 through the Experimental University Romulo Gallegos, 2,253 through Experimental University Rafael Maria Baralt, and 1,808 through the ELAM. The 18,000 students in total are part of 47,000 students currently studying medicine at public universities.

“The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela returns a battalion of white coats [doctors] to the historically oppressed peoples of the world, a battalion with political awareness which knows what its responsibility is,” said Sandra Moreno, director of the ELAM. Wrote: Tamara Pearson.



Caracas, November 28, 2013. (AVN & MPPRE)- Petróleos de Venezuela, s.a. (Pdvsa) and the Bank of the Russian Federation Gazprombank signed a financing agreement for the joint venture Petrozamora and the development of its business plan, for $ 1 billion to increase the oil production of Petrozamora Company, located on the east coast of Lake Maracaibo, in Zulia state, western Venezuela. The agreement provides for the development of oilfield services to boost production levels from mature fields of Petrozamora.

The activity took place at the headquarters of PDVSA in Caracas, and was attended by Minister of Petroleum and Mining, and President of PDVSA and the Vice President of Gazprombank.

The Minister of the Popular power of oil and mining and President of Pdvsa, Rafael Ramírez, said that in 25 years of funding it is expected a rise ranging from the 60,000 barrels per day of current production to approximately 104 thousand, reaching in that period a total of 808 million barrels of oil, it was reported.

Ramirez stressed the importance of these resources for the promotion of Petrozamora. “This effort is complemented by a work we have been doing since the beginning of this year with our partners who have signed strategic investment for oil development.”

After signing this agreement, explained Ramirez, the first eight years of operations are those of greater capital investment, to increase the production of crude oil.

At the same time, Alexander Muranov, Vice President of Gazprombank, expressed his appreciation for the realization of this project. “This is an example of how good policies of friendly relations between the two Nations, can become economically profitable and viable projects.”

The President of the Russian Bank highlighted the aim to continue the rapprochement between the two countries to foster exchange and bilateral cooperation, as during past 21 and 22 November with the Oil Congress Rusia-Venezuela. “Each new deal staged reached opens up many avenues for new and interesting projects, in which we are eager to participate” Muranov said. VCO/Pdvsa



27November 2013–( President Nicolas Maduro called on candidates on both sides who are elected on 8 December to participate in a “social, economic, and political national dialogue for the future of Venezuela” the day after the elections. His call comes amid some political violence.

“To all the mayors who are legitimately elected, in peace, across Venezuela, I call on you to a great national dialogue, about topics that affect the people, about the environmental, rubbish, and security systems…so that Venezuela continues in a state of consolidated peace,” Maduro said yesterday at an inauguration in Miranda state.

Maduro’s call comes amid accusations of violence or the intention to commit violence by both political sides.

Minister for internal affairs and justice, Miguel Rodriguez Torres, accused opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez of planning a “wave of violence to submerge Venezuela in chaos and will end with the overthrowing of President Nicolas Maduro” for after the elections. He said Lopez would ignore orders from the opposition coalition the MUD and opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

Rodriguez, speaking on public television station VTV, alleged that Lopez, leader of the rightwing party Voluntad Popular, had confirmed his plans during a conversation with various people, including Alejandro Plaz, the founder of Sumate. Sumate fronts as an electoral watchdog, but was founded by opposition legislator Maria Corina Machado.and has received money from USAID.

Lopez and Machado however are seen to represent a far right wing section of the opposition. Lopez participated in the 2002 short-lived coup against President Hugo Chávez. Rodriguez said that Lopez is “outside reality…and we will be monitoring him constantly” Wrote: Tamara Pearson



king_netherlandCaracas, November 23, 2013 (MPPRE)- The Venezuelan head of State, Nicolas Maduro Moros received at the Miraflores Palace the King and Queen of the Netherlands, his Majesty the King Willem-Alexander and her Majesty the Queen Maxima Zorreguieta, who made an official visit to the nation.

The European dignitaries were received by the Venezuelan Minister for Foreign Relations, Elías Jaua Milano, at the international airport of Maiquetia “Simón Bolívar”.who were In this official visit are accompanied by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Frans Timmermans; and the Prime Ministers of Aruba, Mike Eman; Curaçao, Ivar Asjes; and Saint Martin, Sarah Wescot Williams.

This visit represents an opportunity to strengthen the ties of brotherhood at the highest level with the Dutch Government, on the basis set out in the joint statement of Chancellors in 2010; for the Bolivarian Republic which arises for the Caribbean, a zone of peace free of foreign interference and military threats.

“We have a tradition of relations by the presence of them as neighbors in the Caribbean and received them with affection and appreciation,” said President Maduro during the hosting of the European partner.

Similarly, he asserted that “the different mechanisms of cooperation and friendship” will resume, and predicted them a happy stay in the Venezuelan homeland. “Feel this land as their own.”

For his part, King Willem-Alexander, welcomed the opportunity to meet Venezuela, the largest neighboring country. “We value the cultural relations between Venezuela and the Netherlands” (…) “we look forward to accommodate the possibility of strengthening cooperation between Nations.”

Nicolas Maduro held a private meeting with the Majesties Willem-Alexander and Maxima Zorreguita where addressed issues of cooperation on energy, security and tourism.

Subsequently the Caracas Youth Symphony Orchestra offered a musical repertoire to the monarchs and the present Venezuelan authorities, culminating in this way official visit.


sursa: Embajada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela en Rumania

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